Protecting Your Not So New Idea

While on a recent daytime talk show, the youngest self-made female billionaire and creator of Spanx, Sara Blakely, remarked that she was not the first person to have the idea for Spanx. Instead, she was the first woman to do something with idea. Women everywhere have been telling her that they had been making their own Spanx from cutting the legs out of their control top pantyhose for years and never thought much of it. As a woman who had a vision for a great product and company, Blakely did what every entrepreneur and inventor needs to: she polished and protected her ideas.

With more men and women making transitions from established careers and minimum-wage jobs into entrepreneurship, it is important that these trailblazers protect what is theirs. More often than not, those starting out think that it is too hard or that their idea is not unique enough. Some naysayers will remark that if it were such a good idea someone would have already done it. However, it is up to the creator, inventor, and imaginer to do the research and find out if anything else exists out there. Then patent searches can be done, and patents can be filed for. Protecting your billion dollar idea is possible … if all the right steps are taken.

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